The International Module at Kozminski University

We focus on Poland’s renaissance, from a planned economy to Europe’s growth champion and consider an entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and creativity can contributor to a country’s transformation.

We will consider what others can glean from the steps and qualities that have contributed to Poland’s emergence as a business power hub: Idea - energy- ambition- window of opportunity – transition – future

Poland is a member of the European Union located in the heart of Europe, covering an area of 312,696 square kilometers. Its GDP is currently the 6th largest in the European Union by nominal standards, and the 5th largest by purchasing power parity. It is also one of the fastest growing within the Union.

Surrounded to the north by the Baltic Sea, Lithuania, and Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast and to the east by Belarus and Ukraine, Poland is in many ways at the crossroads of west and east with Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south, and Germany to the west.

Kozminski University is a business-oriented higher education institution located in Warsaw, the historic capital of Poland which was recently ranked as the 4th most “business friendly” global city. Kozminski itself is ranked by the “Financial Times” as the best business school in Central and Eastern Europe, with triple AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditation.

The university has developed a broad range of education programs since its foundation in 1993. It is one of the oldest non-public higher education institutions in Poland. In total there are 9000 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students including MBA students and more than 60000 alumni in total.

As a University we are leveraging our entrepreneurial flair, our corporate relations, our research potential and our internationalization to make a difference in business, law and society.

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Idea - energy- ambition- window of opportunity – transition - future

Over recent years Poland has been rapidly transforming its economy, moving from state control to open market system. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit, young and well-educated society, ambition and hunger for success, Polish economy and Polish enterprises achieved a lot on both domestic and international scale.

The inclusion of Poland within the European Union has further increased the impact on how we do business. As a result of our entrepreneurial flair and ability to catch market opportunities, after 30 years of transition period, we have global and international leaders in such sectors as e.g. gaming industry, construction business, cosmetics or IT.

You will feel and experience:

  • How entrepreneurial flair and mindset built the most successful companies practically from scratch – with no capital, networks or strategic alliances
  • How foreign companies can benefit from the leading CEE market.
  • How you can invest in Poland or build strategic alliances
    with Polish companies.

NOTE: * Visits are subject to change - some companies are still to be confirmed. This page will be updated as and when firm commitments are made. We do not anticipate any major changes from this provisional programme.

Saturday, September 18th: 
  [arrival during the day)

17:00 - Group introductions - Ice Breaking activities – Outline of the week Introduction to Kozminski University
Evening – Welcome dinner [optional, at student expenses]

Sunday, September 19th:  
Team Building exercise. 
Evening - Free time

Monday, September 20th:  
Morning – Themed Lecture 1: Polish business history. How the past influences the present. – Tomasz Olejniczak, Ph.D.
Afternoon - Themed Lecture 2: Conference about Poland – Prof. Jacek Tomkiewicz, Ph.D.

Major facts about the current state of Polish economy and its most important challenges.                      

Tuesday, September 21st:  
Morning - Globalization and Poland's transition – Prof. Grzegorz Kołodko, Ph.D.

While judging the transformation progress, not only the improvement of competitiveness and growth in terms of quantity must be taken into account, but also social and cultural aspects.
Afternoon – Company visit *

Evening – free evening

Wednesday, September 22nd: 

Morning - Management in transition economies – Prof. Andrzej Koźmiński, Ph.D.                   

Characteristics of business management in transition economies. Phases of restructuring post-communist enterprises will be discussed.

Company visit
Dinner: Networking event with Executive MBAs

Thursday, September 23rd:  

Morning –  Business and pandemic

How Polish companies coped with the Covid19 pandemic – presentation of research results
Afternoon – Final project seminar

Evening – free evening

Friday, September 20th:

Morning – Final project presentation
Afternoon - Keynote: Europe’s growth champion – Prof. Marcin Piątkowski, Ph.D.

Lessons learned from Poland's remarkable experience, the conditions that keep countries poor, and the challenges that countries need to face in order to grow. New growth model that Poland and its Eastern European peers need to adopt to grow and catch up with their Western counterparts.
Transfer from extractive society, where the few rule for the benefit of the few, to an inclusive society, where many rule for the benefit of many, can be the key to economic success. *

Evening - Formal Dinner and certificate presentation


NOTE: * Visits are subject to change - some companies are still to be confirmed. This page will be updated as and when firm commitments are made. We do not anticipate any major changes from this provisional programme.

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