The International Module at MIRBIS -The Moscow International Higher Business School

The Russian module explores the dynamic Russian economy, its unique culture and market opportunities. The core of this module focuses on the Real Face of Russia with a special focus on opportunity areas in a transitional economy. The experience comes alive through visits to different locations that illustrate Russia’s diversity. Participants gain an appreciation for the challenges the country faces in the economy as a whole.

Today Russia is the country where system changes are taking place. The country’s economic pattern is being transfigured - from a raw material economy to an innovative one; partners are being replaced, areas of interest and investment targets are shifting. On the one hand, all this becomes a great challenge. On the other, there is a huge potential for cooperation, investments and development. The Russian market today can be attractive for various industries.

The economic and political systems are going through serious alterations - the country is getting aware of its way of development. It may become a unique market, which incorporates priority development territories, innovation clusters, opportunities to introduce new products and make new partnerships. Searching for the potential areas of international business development, the Arctic project, opportunities in different industries – all these lines have a potential for development and good perspectives for launching new partnership projects.

During the International module, the participants will learn about the main areas of Russia’s innovative development and will have a chance to explore opportunities of entering a new emerging market and to study the Russian model of innovative development that is currently shaping up.

Marksistskaya st., 34
Moscow, Russia 109147

Maria Guseva
Program Manager
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The International module combines lectures, workshops, networking and culture components. Lectures and seminars will take place both in MIRBIS Business School, and in modern office premises, the Russian Council of Federation, a manufacturing holding “Public Totem”. The practical part includes visits to companies: Internet Initiative Development Fund, Yandex (“Russian Google”), television and broadcasting company, Ostankino Technial Center, etc.

Combination of faculty expertise of the leading business school in Russia and top managers of different companies, businessmen, politicians and graduates from the EMBA MIRBIS program.

Company visits, meetings, networking and the culture program are aimed at widening participants’ view of Russia as a country of boundless investment and partner opportunities, a territory of development of entrepreneurial and social innovations, technological breakthrough and abundant cultural and historical heritage.

As a part of the culture program, the participants will go on excursions to Red Square, the Kremlin and around the historical center of Moscow. They will visit the famous Tretyakov gallery of Russian paintings with an art expert as a guide. The participants will be offered to visit a Space Museum on Friday and a choice of optional themed excursion on Saturday. In addition, the students will benefit from some free time to visit those places, which arouse their personal interest.

The image of the city combining the imperial, Soviet and modern periods, dynamically developing and looking for new perspective directions and projects will remain in your heart and will stimulate searching for new opportunities of personal development, as well as for development of business and society.

Overview of the program

Program at glance (PDF)

Saturday, September 16:
Arrival to Moscow and Welcome Dinner (restaurant “Narsharab”, address: Vorontsovskaya Street., 35b)

Sunday, September 17:
12:15-18:00. Bus excursion around Moscow and visiting the Red Square, the Kremlin, the Armoury Museum, 
Tretyakov Gallery
 (Departure from Hotel Vorontsovsky, address: Vorontsovsky pereulok, 5/7, bld.2)

Monday, September 18:

MIRBIS Institute

9:00-9:15 Welcome and Introduction to MIRBIS

9:15-10:00 Russian Language Hour

10:00-12:00 Lecture and Q&A session:
“Business in Russia: political, social, legal aspects of growth and development. Influence on managerial experience” Prof. Sergey Chernikov

Company Visits

Innovation companies:


Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF)

Acceleration of internet projects, meeting with the company’s management



Russian Internet company, the largest search engine in Russia

Meeting with the company’s management , 

Tuesday, September 19:
The Arctic Regions Exploration

MIRBIS Institute

09:00 – 09:30 Brief review and discussion. Networking hour

9:30-11:00 Lecture and Q&A session:
Exploration and development of the Arctic regions.
Arthur Chilingarov`s outstanding researches on the Arctic, Antarctic and Global Ocean issues, environmental movement, the Antarctic Treaty." Prof. Vasily Bogoyavlenskiy

12:00-13:00 Company Visit

State Institution: Council of Federation. 


Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Center for Arctic and Antarctic Research

18:00-20:00 Culinary Master Class

Wednesday, September 20:
Production & Manufacturing

MIRBIS Institute

09:00 – 09:30 Brief review and discussion. Networking hour

09:30-11:30 Lecture and Q&A session:

“Roadmap for the development of the Russian oil and gas industry” TBC

13:00-18:00 Company Visit

National production holding company: Public Totem LLC

Production of the whole range of advertising materials and the equipment for the POS (point of sale). Russian production industry overview. Meeting with the company’s management

Thursday, September 21:

Communications & Strategic Marketing
MIRBIS Institute

09:00 – 09:30 Brief review and discussion. Networking hour

09:30-11:00 Lecture and Q&A session: «Cross cultural communications in marketing” prof. Fedor Fedorov

11:00-12:00 “Russian business models aimed at addressing the key challenges of the future” MIRBIS EMBA alumni

13:00-14:00 Company Visits

Television and broadcasting: Autonomous non-profit organization

“TV-Novosti”, Russia Today Moscow office. Meeting with the company`s management

15:00-18:00 Ostankino Technial Center


Friday, September 22:  
International Business

MIRBIS Institute 

09:00 – 11:00 Lecture and Q&A Session: “Innovations:the main areas of Russia’s innovative development and the Russian model of innovative development”  prof. Marina Korsakova

11:00 – 13:10 Lecture and Q&A Session: "Investment and growth opportunities in Russia" prof. Nikita Bykov

14:00-15:00 Feedback session. Certificates awarding procedure

16:00-17:00 Cultural programme Excursion -
Space Museum
18:00  Closing dinner

Saturday, September 23: Free Day. Excursions - optional
Sunday, September 24: Return Flights

Vasily Bogoyavlenskiy

Professor, Deputy Director of Institute of Oil and Gas Problems, the Russian Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russia.

Nikita Bykov

Vice-president of “Europlan” leasing company MIRBIS lecturer in “World Economy”; PhD in Economics.


Vorontsovskiy Hotel 

Distance: 5 minutes walk from MIRBIS

Room Fees:

Standard (STD) - $100 
Standard superior (STT) -  $116
Studio (JLD) -  $160
–źpartment (APP) - $270
mention group ID: MIRBIS EMBA

Transportation: Metro Station: Krestyanskaya Zastava or Proletarskaya

*If groups of students book rooms together, they can (and should) ask about a discount. Prices on the weekends are a little bit lower.


Holiday Inn Simonovsky 

Distance: 10-15 minutes walk from MIRBIS

Room Fees: $100 - $200 per person

Transportation: Metro station: Krestyanskaya Zastava or Proletarskaya

*If groups of students book rooms together, they can (and should) ask about a discount. Prices on the weekends are a little bit lower.

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